My Message: Our uniqueness and humanity matters more than ever and in a time of accelerated technological disruption, it will ensure our relevance, value and success.

My Perspective: There is a rise in the influence and reach of technology across all aspects of our lives. There is a decline in the importance and value of our memory and recall (machines are doing that far quicker, more accurately and for longer periods of time). That is no longer the critical essence of being a knowledge worker.

The importance of relationships is rising and our very humanity is defining our true value and fitness for the future.  In a world where artificial intelligence may trump IQ, we will need to claim that which machines never can.

Discovering our uniqueness in a world of billions matters more than ever and thus celebrating the fullest combination of your gifts, talents and interests will be equally essential.  Uniqueness is more significant than different, and the combination of uniqueness and humanity will make you an indispensable asset through this technology driven, industrial revolution!

The Questions I Answer

  1.  How will I compete in the future?
  2.  What should I focus on ‘being’, rather than ‘doing’ to get ahead?
  3.  How will my business and life benefit from unique-enomics?
  4.  What are the myths that stunt and inhibit our uniqueness?
  5.  What must I know about the future value that people will offer my organisation?
  6.  When I choose my career, what should I know about myself and the changing world around me?
  7.  What will make me consistently relevant?