Who I am


I am a CultureSmith. I am a catalyst for behaviour change in people. I enable individuals, teams, and organizations to shift their beliefs and shape their behaviours towards high performance.

I am a Public Speaker. My high energy engagements combine trends and data points from the behavioral sciences with the influences of technology on the world of work and people management. I cover a wide range of topics, mainly constructed around the following questions: Do you know, only 8% of all teams ever become high performing ? Do you know that being Smart is no longer the key differentiation to success? Do you know that in 2015 organisational culture was the primary focus of over 3300 of the top execs on the planet? Do you know that our human nature is already a key career differentiator and predictor of success?

I am an Executive Coach and Consultant. The world of work is rapidly changing. I create clarity of purpose & direction. I bring the future of leadership and management into your current reality and I partner in the evolution of organisational cultures that will meet future relevance and effectiveness.

I am an experienced Leader and Manager. I have occupied senior management roles since 2003 in Health Services, Software Sales/ Implementation; Consulting; and People Development/Training. I understand the intersection of the commercial, emotional and behavioural dynamics that influence performance. It is this combination that I believe makes me effective in supporting individuals and teams to meet their goals and aspirations.

I have a demonstrated track record of financial performance, strategic execution and people leadership, and have lead multi-million rand businesses in high growth phases. I have lead leadership teams and managed upwards of 40 staff. I have discovered first hand that it is only through relationships that people are challenged to evolve and account for their actions, and so I develop the skills and practices that build, maintain and leverage productive and resilient relationships.